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3 seconds, the score gap is widened to 7 points, it can be said that Lin Zhijie Ming Kai mens basketball team for the steals to clinch victory.

The final 55 seconds, the team Beijing Jie Libin possession, this time on the field the score is 98 to 103, Guangsha Ming Kai mens basketball team had a 5 points lead.

I just hold the neutral opportunity, state you still can.

In the press conference room, just one seat Wang Fei would say such nike free run 5.0 cheap a word, in the first half, the team not to go, the loopholes in the defense .

For his recent state of Hui Yong, Lin Zhijie nike free run 3 cheap thinks that in the lost the derby, team a careful analysis of the present situation, carry out actively coach Wang Fei required to go to train of thought, Ramos inside has great advantages, in the attack, the ball into send out, is easier to create a gap, and this time our outwire players responsibility is to put the ball into the.

And coach Wang Fei and Lin Zhijies views are consistent, though the game won, but we played very bad.

If the Beijing team the attack, hitting three points, then the game there are still great suspense, cheap nike free runs for men however the beast Lin Zhijie didnt give them that chance, nike free 5.0 mens he suddenly from behind Jie Libin swift startup, a nike free run 3.0 womens beautiful steals, assists Wang Bo to easily win 2 points.

Lin Zhijie said, nike free runs I in good condition because of attitude adjustment well.

However, talks about the competition, but Lin Zhijie believes the teams performance is not good, Tonight we defended well, the other to Abbas and Li nike free run 4.0 womens Xuelin two brunt didnt fight circumstances, we appeared lax, the need to correct the game behind the.

The home of the Hangzhou fans were almost always for Lin Zhijies performance as cheerful as a lark, whenever Lin Zhijie has a beautiful steals, fast break, the audience will stand and applaud him for.

Last nights game, scored 24 points 6 steals the beast Lin Zhijie is the team displays one of most outstanding players, but scored 21 points and 12 rebounds Ramos, three ball 7 voted 5 to be 34 points tre Kelley, Lin Zhijie chic style and defense at mint nike free runs both ends of the positive, greatly inspired his teammates.

Finally, the Ming Kai team to 109: 103 get home victory.

The beast throughout the game, nike free run womens hit almost all vacancies three 3-pointers, and the defensive end abnormal smart, targeting opponent several outwire free run 5.0 players pass, the total steals 6 times, and at the last moment for the team the locked to a steal.

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